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Thread: New General Ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tragamite View Post
    I was thinking about combinations that I'd like to see in future Generals and one inparticular I'd like to see is an Epic/Legendary General with Increase Porters Load, Increase Armored Transport Load, Increase all Troops Load. I think of this General as a looter or hoarder and would hope the name and artwork would demonstrate it in some way.

    --- [WHY NOT FARM WITH RUINERS/STALKERS/STRIDERS INSTEAD OF SSD or BDS.] They're faster and loads better.

    I would also like to find one with a set of skills like Reduce Armored Transport Training Time, Reduce Troop Upkeep, Reduce All Troop Training Time, Increase March Speed. I see this one as a merchant/tradesman in name and artwork.
    ---[ BUILD MORE GARRISONS] lol.......
    We playing farmville here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tragamite View Post
    how about one with transport speed, transport training, reduce upkeep and all troops speed. Another one could be gold production, food production, resource production, and resource capacity.
    ---[ gold production, rss productions? I got 1 word for you: Gralix. Keep him assign.

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    Alliance shop

    JUST A SUGGETION COULD YALL PUT IN AN ALLIANCE SHOPE PLZ. It ma help with people getting certain things like shields or teleporters.

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    A new idea.

    Here is a good idea. How about letting kabam have the game back. I know they sucked buy not as bad as Gaea. I have spent thousands on this game but I will not give another dime to these people. At least kabam would give us a prize pack when they kept us out of game as long as Gaea did. And ever since it switched over I have not received anything worth spending money on. Their was supposed to be this great wonderfully thing waiting for us after the update and all we got was the release of a new general that you have to spend hundreds of dollars to receive and even then you don't get I said even kabam was better.

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    My idea is instead of the islands add the outposts like on PC and bring back Fortuna's chance. Also you should add more dragons and make it possible to receive rarer items such as 5k lava jaws,Go or any other troop and items in the Fortuna's chance.add the wraith and make level 11-20 camps so it's harder to farm make it possible to to farm dragon armor in the wilds instead if farming crests put the actual egg in the wilds also y'all should bring in a trade center which will alliance alliance members it realm members to trade resources and items but limit it so people ain't trading between alts

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    Ceasefire suggestion

    A previous game update now shows the main city building bubbled... It would be much appreciated a countdown timer.

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    Left over items from kabam days

    I have a lot of items left over from the old Kabam days would it be possible to develop a dragon that would consume a lot of these items as part of its training?
    Possibly a swamp dragon or a dark matter dragon or a rainbow dragon and let it be developed with any leftover incubators and Dragon crests.
    And possibly developing some type of General that would take care of a lot of the calendar items left over and shards from generals that were not developed.
    Also once in awhile a contest or tournament geared specifically for lower-ranking players the money players are winning all of the loot and forcing the younger and newer players to stop or spend a lot of money to try to keep up.
    I have played this game for over four years now and I spend at least $100 every 30 days but I cannot keep up or catch up with the superior players I don't have the resources but I do have a lot of leftover items in my inventory that just make it more difficult to scroll down to find what I can use in the active game.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this

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    Quote Originally Posted by mardeepmode View Post
    A previous game update now shows the main city building bubbled... It would be much appreciated a countdown timer.
    That is a great idea! In the meantime, you can find the countdown timer if you go to City Status / Buffs.
    (tap top row with resources in City View to open City Status menu)

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