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Thread: Panem Rising help(staff)

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    Panem Rising help(staff)

    This is the non heroes of Camelot forum so I guess this is the most appropriate place to put this. But I know that Heroes of Camelot and Panem Rising are near identical games. But I know this game's forums have more staff working to help answer questions. I was wondering why Panem Rising has only 1 staff worker? And that worker hasn't spoken in about 3 weeks. I'm not too flustered by this but there hasn't been an update nor an event in almost 2 months. I'm amused with the stadiums but a lot of players are really mad about this drought. Honestly 90% of all new forums are asking for an event. I'm trying to be optimistic about it haha. Can we get some help? Some news?

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    Good idea. Maybe someone can help us

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