Hear ye, hear ye,

Merlin has gone completely insane and has lost track of all his Potions! Play Merlin’s Mass Hysteria and collect Merlin’s Potions in his Premium Gamble game. Merlin’s Potions can be traded-in to the Round Tower for rare treasures such as the new Divine Training (*Lv10), Pendragon Gear and much more!

  • Merlin’s Potions can be obtained from Premium Gamble and special promotions.

  • Any excess Merlin’s Potions will expire from your inventory after the Round Tower event ends.

Event Times

  • Merlin’s Mass Hysteria Starts: April 29 at 17:00 UTC
  • Merlin’s Mass Hysteria Ends: May 1 at 07:00 UTC
  • Round Tower Event Ends: May 4th at 19:00 UTC

Merlin's Potion Trade-in prizes:
Items Merlin’s Potion(s)
Merlin’s Hysterical Grab Bag 1
Merlin’s Army of Million 3
Imperial Training (*Lv10) 6
Pendragon Armoury Chest 50
Divine Training (*Lv10) 20

Merlin's Hysterical Grab Bag contains one of the following:
1x Breastplate of Chivalry
1x Arctic Marauder Armory Chest
1x Season 4 Armory Chest
1x Blood Fury
1x Ironskin
2x to 5x Arthur's Conscripts
5x to 10x Gold Hero Medallions
1x Master Hammer (Lv8, Lv9, Lv10 or Lv11)
1x to 5x Mystic Guidances (Lv100)
1x to 5x Enchanted Guidances (Lv100)
1x Large Flawed Ruby
1x Large Smooth Ruby
1x Large Brilliant Ruby

Merlin's Army of Million contains one of the following:
1 Million Tier 2 Troops
1 Million Tier 3 Troops
1 Million Tier 4 Troops
1 Million Tier 5 Troops
1 Million Tier 6 Troops