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Thread: Story of the Broken Hearts: my heart is broken

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    Story of the Broken Hearts: my heart is broken

    This weekend we have a special event: Story of the Broken Hearts.
    We were promissed that we could win Enid or Laudine after finding 50 Iron Hearts.
    Never was Kabam more succesful in choosing a title for an event, because it really broke my heart.

    I attacked hundreds of pict cities. Level 4, 5, till 9 and 10. I attacked them all. Every pict city I could find. And after two days of hard work I finally collected my 50 hearts!
    I used the trade in. And then I opened the Chest of Broken Hearts. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I did get Enid’s call. The hero I already had since it was first introduced. I won Enid several times since that moment.

    Why, Kabam?

    So all my hard work was useless. Unbelievable, kabam did it again.
    To make it a bit worse, I checked my troops. I did attack the pics cities with 10.000 battering rams and 500 supply convoys. I lost almost no troops, because all my knights are level 255 or better. At the start I had 60.000 supply convoys and when I finally collected 50 hearts, I suddenly had only 56.500 supply convoys left. Again deserting troops. This bug is in the game since Januar 2014 (that moment I lost half of my battering rams -> thats why I know the bug).

    So conclusion:
    * My hard work was for nothing. I won something I already have.
    * I lost several thousands of Battering Rams & Supply Convoys because of a bug in the game.
    * I still don't have Lady Laudine

    Thank you very very much, Kabam.

    Yes Kabam, you finally did it: I’ll try to stop playing. Your new stupid Purgatory event (only introduced to let player buy a lot of gems...) will have as result a reduced activity in the normal worlds. That will give me enough space to stop my addiction and do something else with my time. Maybe playing another game. No, indeed, it will not be a game from KABAM.

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    69 views awesome!
    Don't reply kabam! don't you dare to reply to this post.
    Only watch and read comments, it's the best kabam can do and be good at it.

    Where is job application? Seems the best job ever, sitting on costumers money without giving good service .

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    Dear users,

    the quest in question was accurately described and it would seem that all went as it should.
    We are sorry that you were disappointed with the outcome, however there will undoubtedly be numerous upcoming occasions to obtain this Hero.

    Best of luck to you whatever you may decide,


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    I don't care about that stupid hero. I do care I lost troops that aren't killed during the fights. Otherwise they should have been in my hospitals.
    I do care I didn't win anything at all, despite working very hard to get those stupid hearts. I do care you (kabam) added a stupid contest.

    How stupid are you? Can't you read?

    And I shall not reply to the "Best of luck to you whatever you may decide"...

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    Dear user,

    please refrain from using any foul language, even if you choose to replace a few letters with *.
    Regarding the problems you encountered with loosing troops which didn`t die in battle, I would ask you to replace report this to our customer support department.
    Furthermore, keep in mind that participation in these events isn't mandatory.



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    Yes, I could raise an issue. Been there, done that. I'll get the question from support to send the reports involved. How many reports do you think I can provide? 100? 500? 1000? So no, customer service isn't an option. Development should repair the bug. Like they should have done a year ago. Or one of those times other players reported this irritating bug.

    Attack 200 times the same pict city, 10 at the same time, and you'll notice the bug... Start with 100k battering rams. Use an account with hospitals. You'll see the number of battering rams is dropping faster, than picts can kill.

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    It's funny though, you said this bug is a year old. By the time i was playing in 2012, the bug already existed.
    And it wasn't just 10k or so, it took 100k supply wagons from one mars away every session of 1m wagons sending. Gone just like that.

    By the time now this has been reported numerous times and i can tell you that not even 90% has been compensated.
    But kabam, it does not cares does it? The money flows is all that matters, ain't that right Ganstack bro? Go tell those peeps.

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