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Thread: ~* Cupid's Love Letter Event *~

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    Here is my entry:

    Title: Loyalty and Friends

    NIQ I am writing this to pledge my loyalty to you and NonApplicable. Players come and go and might is seen as so. But loyalty and trust in any alliance is a must. I forge my loyalty with hammers and dust. I will grow with you and you will grow with me as we strive together to defeat any enemy. Jizz and Betty are some great new friends, and Givings is always there till the end. Please understand that this is so sincere as I would rather be no where else than in NonApplicable my dear. NIQ please see how serious I am as this is a pledge to you again. Some players come, and some players go. But NIQ and others with me that's not so. I will stay and play and we all will grow as I am pledging my loyalty for all to know.

    118 #Loyalty

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    The Nightingale

    When the nightingale sings
    The woods grow green,
    Leaf and grass and blossom spring
    In April, I believe.
    And love is to my heart gone
    With one spear so keen,0
    Night and day my blood it drinks
    My heart causes me pain.

    I have loved all this year
    Such that I may love no more;
    I have sighed many sighs,
    Love, for your pity.
    To me is love never any nearer,
    And that I sorely regret.
    Sweet love, think on me -
    I have loved you long.

    Sweet love, I pray you
    Give me one love-speech.
    While I live in the world so wide
    None other will I seek!
    With your love, my sweet love,
    My bliss you might increase
    A sweet kiss from your mouth
    Would be my cure.

    Sweet love, I pray you
    For a gift of love.
    If you love me, as men say,
    And love, as I believe,
    If it be your will
    Make it to be seen!
    So much I think on you
    That I grow

    Between Lincoln and Lindsey,
    Northampton and Lound
    I know of no maid so fair
    As the one who holds me in bondage.
    Sweet love, I pray you,

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    Strong Goodsky

    Pure love

    World: Guinevere133
    Player Sower
    Alliance: Thebeachhouse

    Oh fair Lady Nicole

    How could I hope for the touch of your hand
    You of high birth and I of the land
    Each day I hope that we may chat
    To steal a precious moment

    Wilds and Picts are in our way
    Keeping us busy from day to day
    Yet your gentle words so touch my heart
    That I wish we would never part
    Your beauty like a rose that smells so sweet
    Shines forth from a heart so pure

    As I campaign or make a quest
    It guides me back to take a rest
    Again you calm the savage beast
    Just your presence is such a feast
    Dare I hppe to see you smile
    Battling Heros all the while
    You destroyed my wall and crossed my mote
    And reached my soul with just a note
    When we are together the world seems right
    For your love I take up the fight
    Should I whisper or post the wall
    For true love I give it all

    How can I hope that you will see
    A lowly knight's heart will always be
    When two souls meet that should be together
    It is a love that lasts forever
    So sweet Nicole a Lady true
    Tell me that you love me too

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    Alas my dear my love is fleeting,
    The race is all but done
    Too late for me to be competing,
    Your heart was already won.

    Yet still I fight,
    My sword is ready,
    No foe will overcome
    My dedication is unflinching
    But damn your sexy bum.

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    Lady Morganna
    Quote Originally Posted by Raylan127 View Post
    To my BFF,

    It was about 3 years ago when my life changed forever. I was in an alliance with some other people at the time. I used to get whispers from a player named Drogba. He would always whisper and ask how I was so good at train-a-thons and if I could teach him. I ignored most whispers. Well one day, an alliance named Soldier tried to recruit me. After some time I gave in and joined. I accepted the invite and walked into AC and guess who was there? That's right, it was Drogba. I walked toward him and he say "hey". I said "hey" back. He said " my name is Dragon". I looked at him and said " my name is Raylan but you have to call me Nighthawk". I can tell you now that we didn't like each other very much and was unsure about one another. One night a player, named Char, that I joined Soldier with came over for dinner. Our friendship had been on its way down for a while and I really didn't like him being there. I went to hide in the tree house and after a while Drogba came to find me. Char came into the treehouse and started talking smack and Drog punched him in the face. It was so cool. I think we both knew right then that we where about to become best friends. From there out friendship blossomed. We did karate, built bunk beds, and even put liquid paper on bees. People in the alliance grew tired of our blossoming friendship. One day while on a zeroing rampage with Drogba, our chancy called us dumb f*cks. We knew something had to change. Over the next couple of weeks we began to formulate a plan. A plan we both knew was our destiny. I said to Drog, " this is why we met. To form this alliance." So the plans were in motion and one night at 1:45a eastern, we loaded up the Mayflower trucks, wrote our Dear John letters, and snuck out like the Idianapolis Colts. Huff_n_Doback was formed. Now there was nothing to hold back our BFFness. We've shared so much since then. I remember how we cried and talked about suicide after out Lep gems were stolen. I remember how Drog comforted me when I was banned from Forums. All the whispers we share because Kabam keeps giving us a 24hr silence because people hit the report button for no reason. All the countless times the game has been ruined by Game team's decision we were there for each other. He's my BFF, and that's what BFFs do. So as Valentine's Day draws near, I would like to tell my BFF how much I love him. He's my soulmate, my brown sugar, my mexican angel, and most important, he's my brother. Well, stepbrother. BFF, I love you with all my KoC heart.



    This was hilarious. Especially crying and talking about suicide after the lep gems were stolen. Thank you.

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    I remember us,
    the way we used to be,
    I'd hold you in my arms,
    your smile so sweet to me,

    But now when I see you,
    you look right through me,
    I feel so alone now,
    but when I close my eyes...

    ...All I see is you.

    The love we used to share,
    gone up in whirl winds,
    will I ever love,
    or ever live again,

    I am tired of crying,
    and I am done trying,
    To remember all about you,
    but when I close my eyes...

    ...All I see is you.

    All the love I am sending,
    the memories I won't sell,
    I know there must be an ending,
    to the story I will tell,

    I dream only of your love,
    and happiness in life,
    I try not to think of you,
    but when I close my eyes...

    ...All I see is you.
    To my love, Aphroditi.


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    Love sonnet to Endi

    Endi not a day go's by that I don't miss your strength.
    Your cunning resolve and your fierce battlefield skill.
    With you in my castle nothing can defeat us, just like
    Love! I treasure the days we spend together, the adventures
    We have, the armies we defeat. I look forward to coming
    Back from the long campaign to your radiant smile, your
    Sparkling eyes and your everlasting love. Not a day go's by
    That I don't think of you. I long to be in your arms. I can't wait
    Till you make it to the font lines so we could be together
    Fighting side by side back to back face down are enemies,
    Both in the battlefield and in campaign fighting off the
    Pictish barbarians. With all my love
    DukeOfHell world 128
    Alliance HighwayToHell

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    Ode to Gems
    Tristen 130

    To gems, from QueenJan (TemplarsCore)

    Gems,gems, gems.
    How I love thee!
    I see your sparkling wink, luring me with your green shiny gaze,
    Like a siren, singing a song of wallet doom,
    reaching out with your promises of bonus chests,
    Promises of VIP gain, promises of Golden coins!


    Gems, gems, gems!
    How I hate thee!
    I refuse yoru advances,
    I spurn your call,
    I hide the Royal purse and stay away from your love
    I cannot get enough of you to matter,
    As I did not win the Powerball, and
    I only can win 1 of you whilst on campaign!?


    Gems, gems, gems!
    How I am saddened by thee !
    I come to you, I yearn to visit, it's the rush of meeting a secret lover.
    Then I feel shame after,
    No! Find another !
    Find another to whisper your sweet song to,
    Find another unsuspecting Noob,
    Find another and caress their purse !

    Gems. Goodbye forever.

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    letter to lady nimue

    my letter to lady numue,....i often ride past your castle seeing you high up in your tower..looking up to the sky..i often wonder why...if only you would look down and catch my eye,s..i long to ride with you through the mist,s of camelot,s fair land,s..and to see your fair hair shine in the sunshine...and to take you far from the waring hordes and hero,s renowned....i would take with me special token,s..should we find merlin,s we could take his special love potion,s that he offer,s us...we could return to our castles...and merge our world,s..and grow our army,s togather..with the best gear that the season,s have to offer us...i must leave soon to complete my campaign,s so please give me the reply that i long for.....forever your knight t.........trev, minutemen,mordred128...

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    The fate got me something as valuable and perfect that even if I try to thank for life, nothing would be before I won. And you know what I got? I won your love, your kisses, caresses, and best of all, you won. Simple and only you, the love of my life! What more can I want? You make my life a dream so perfect, I fear one day wake up and realize it was all over.

    Our love is pure, real, sincere, huge and endless. Nothing in this world is big enough to end all happiness it gives me. The universe is small before us. I want to be with you not just today, tomorrow and then, but for all eternity.

    Your dreams are my dreams, and my dreams are worth nothing without him and without the realization of their dreams. Everything conspires in our favor ... It seems that life and the destination are rooting for us.

    You made me and continues to do, love you in a way so intense that sometimes I even stranger. In such a short time we've been through so much together. We have many stories to tell, remember and laugh at ourselves. We live so intensely our love. Every day is a new beginning, there is only the beginning, there is no end.

    Reading these things until they never seem to discuss it? Even able even! We fight also, what couple does not fight? But every reconciliation increases my certainty that nothing can separate the bond that unites us. He could not be different, I am yours and you are mine. And as you say, we are no longer 'you and me' but 'we', a single person. The destination instructed us to be happy!

    My angel, all I said was summed up in two simple but perfect little words: I love you! No doubt you are the love of my life, God's gift to make me happy. I want you more each day ... You always feel closer to me. I look back, I see all that we have lived and I am sure that would do it again without changing at least one word that was said, because everything we experience, at all times, very worth it. Take me my precious gems

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