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Thread: ~* Cupid's Love Letter Event *~

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    Lady Packergirl, I wish we could live a long life in my kingdom.... We have so much in common we both have massive army's and we rule with a iron fist. I think its love in first cite and we should be to get her and march are army's all over Camelot.. If u feel the same way come find me packer girl I'm all yours.. My owain and garith body guards will protect us from the dangers lurking in the campaign of Camelot. From me to you... FarmerTobi. World 118

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    To My dearly beloved, Lady Beatrix, I pen this letter to speak of the wonder your grace and beauty has inflicted my stricken soul.

    Love has penetrated my heart but I fear you do not feel the same.
    Alas, were you showing me love when you tried to thrust your scared sword through my heart.

    We can rekindle the warmth as we do when we forge.
    Neither hills nor mountains, woods nor grassland
    Can stand in its way or hinder the finding of stones to embed.

    Or from bathing your heart, my beloved, with tears from
    Our fallen hostile alliances when our dearest friend Rogered
    Waters steals their valuable resources.

    Sweet love, you inspire me to enter tournaments, each victory
    And defeat comes with a price, my might grows week.

    Why do bitter folk talk vulgar gibberish during Global talks.
    If now your sweetness and beauty will melt the darkest destroyer.

    All prosperity alternate's rapidly with the acquisition of the Green Gems,
    All joys stem from this priceless item which only the wealthy can afford.

    Nothing lasts, anything can perish, especially my t1 and t2 troops.
    Therefore,let us flee with all our hearts,

    As you, ready even now to perish after each attack,
    Let us seek the delights and ever-enduring realms of Camelot.

    The blessed Lunettes wheel never separates friends,
    A heart warmed by love always has a token to spend.

    Therefore, Lady Beatrix, abduct me with your long flowing hair,
    I beg you, then our love will never be estranged.

    At these little Merlin's offerings which great love sends you,
    For our gentle Master praised the gold coin.

    The needy campaign is long but the prophesy is near.
    Sacred love is better than any treasured chest,
    And so is steadfast faithfulness which flourishes and endures.

    May divine Merlin gifts follow you,
    And at the same time precede you.

    Always and everywhere farewell.

    Name: Mclane
    Alliance: Extinction
    World: Pendragon131

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    Ømêgä _ SñS
    Blue eyes rose

    What I feel right now comes In a poem
    Looking up at the stars trying to understand what happened but I. ..I'm lost of words I look back at what I thought was the problem now I see...... the whole time it was mi. I was so caught up in the time behind that I lost sight of what love was in the sight before mi I..... I let love slip away from mi I lost control of being mi I...... lost it all while holding on. The truth., I was afraid to love but not just love but put everything on the line for what love brought to mi. I...... being mi was afraid to fail at what you wanted ....a man but most of all i...... I thought was not good enough for you my dear x queen I thought I couldn't give you world you want. But now......... NOW I hurt thinking if I had know what I know now would it make any difference.......the question remains unanswered but life goes on

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    winter queen

    Oh Winter Queen how cruel you are.
    You left me heartbroken without leaving a scar.

    You laughed as your poor knight fell from your grace.
    Twas only gems you want for your fancy taste.

    He quested and fought for your precious heart.
    He laid down his life you unworthy tart

    He raised an army to save one little life.
    Cost many husbands and sons, brought hunger and strife.

    As they came to the castle where you were held.
    As they brandished their swords and tightened their belts.

    A brave knight emerged and studied the field.
    As he looked over his men, hungry and ready to yield.

    "One more fight my dear brothers! She is just over there!"
    "Once more into the breach! One last push up those stairs!"

    "We will climb for our queen imprisoned in there.
    "Strike them down to a man, leave no one to spare!"

    They rushed to the castle the entrance was quick.
    Amazing to think that rams are just a big stick.

    They dashed into the keep where resistance was strong.
    But the men felt the victory and kept fighting on.

    The Imperial Guard were next on the list.
    But foxy's archers were better and they were quickly dismissed.

    And as they reached the tower...they slowly climbed the stairs.
    They saw all the riches soon to be theirs.

    But Sir foxy had only love in his heart.
    For he lost his queen before he could impart.

    All the love that he felt for her so deep and so pure.
    One glance at her he knew he could ensure"

    That she'd love him forever and and the kingdom made happy.
    But alas poor knight this one won't end up sappy.

    He gazed into her eyes so deep blue, her hair... Kinda salt and pepper....and she said with a voice like a crow getting choked, "what have you brought me? A treasure from a faraway land? A trinket from Arthur himself? A mighty sword for me to cut my steak?" The knight shook his head remembering how many had died for this moment...he held out a mere scrap of cloth with some writing on it "My parents went away to kabamm headquarters for a week and all I got was this stupid T-shirt cuz I'm not a gemmer"

    Happy Valentine's Day from foxy_darkness!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bojboj View Post
    [Removed per original poster's request]

    Very similar to The Lady of Shalott by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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    The Tangles of the Heart

    I've search this world day and night, searching for the one who would stand by my side and fight.
    Little did I know I would find you, not just one but there is two.
    My Lady Edin and Lady Laudine but where are thee, hidden within the world, hidden from me.
    Though I yearn to march with love with Edin, I still fantasize about a sword mistress like Laudine.
    Many battles must still be fought alone, till the day you both are unlocked and one will be mine to own.
    But until that day comes I will fight for my loves, and not till that day comes I will hold onto my doves.

    Player name: Shagzwell
    Alliance: RisingPhoenix
    World: Lohengrin118

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    Yearning Passion

    My dearest Fiona,
    How your grace as a warrior and that of a woman inspire all who see or hear of you. I find myself bewitched in your presence. A simple look my way and I freeze in place as my heart beats violently inside of my chest. I then understand that nothing else need matter as long as i am allowed in your presence; tis true I am the Lord, but become shy and a bubbling fool when my mouth opens just to give a simple greeting. I lie awake at night praying to whoever may listen that you are safe and on the morrow i long for news of the battle field and how you fare.You honor me in the many victories you've won and I fear nothing as long as your with me. I long for the day when I am swept up in your imbrace until then remain strong and may the spirits protect you.
    With earnest sincerity,
    Lord Blackfash

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    Please make sure to register a forum name and not use the auto-Noob name in order to qualify!

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    My soul lover

    Once we were a pair,
    We shared dreams, hopes, and potions
    You had everything I needed
    With your help I reached for the stars
    Growing stronger with every hit
    O gracious host, how I loved your potions!
    And I marveled at your stamina
    As I built my testudo army

    I thought we would grow old together,
    but i alas i didnt return to camelot and
    I thought that upon my reyirn you would
    Be gone from this world.

    To find you again my love has lifted my heart
    And has made me want to lift ny sword and
    Fight at your side

    Forever yours

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    David the Courageous

    David the courageous...


    A true gentle man
    Reaching out to the heart and soul of his queen
    Helping deep wounds to heal


    Providing wise counsel
    Seeking to honour and protect
    Expecting nothing in return


    Honourable beyond measure
    Quietly hoping for his lady to return his feelings
    Faithfully waiting*


    Fighting alongside his soulmate
    Never wavering in his commitment
    Lending his support


    Striving to always improve
    Putting the needs of his lady ahead of his own
    Serving with humility

    I will always love you with all that I am

    Server 133

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