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Thread: You have destroyed Spanish Servers - We are going on a strike

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    That looks like the same scripted nonsense you tried to feed us dana. REVOLT!!!!!!!!

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    Mistake - big mistake

    Quote Originally Posted by DanaKabam View Post
    Hello _XiMe_,

    Thank you for your feedback. I understand your disappointment at the differences in prizes between servers, however these differences are down to many things - chief among them is the current maturity of the servers. More veteran servers will have more troops and consequently more items and higher Gear.
    That is the first MISTAKE Dana.
    Our server is a merge of servers 4, 20, 41, 55 and 73.-
    The youngest one began in 2013. We are in 2015 now.
    And, as far as I am able to understand, 4 and 20 comes before all the english and portuguese spoken servers that have better prices than ours.-

    Player numbers will also differ. Comparing the prizes of one server to another is impossible to accurately do because of these factors. The different game teams provide a localised and regional service to each realm and I assure you that all European servers have the same level of service and content.
    You talk about "european servers" but the fact is that except for people who was borned in Spain, most of us are AMERICAN players. From USA to Argentina, all along AMERICA. Second MISTAKE.-

    However, we realise it's not fun to feel like you're missing out, and also since the server mergers, many servers have a lot more players than they did before. This is something we have been trying to improve behind the scenes for a while - but the feedback from you, the players, has really shown us that it's something of the utmost importance. As such we are aiming to engage the overhaul of the reward system and prizes as soon as possible. Work is already underway on a better system.

    Thank you for your patience in this matter.
    I really, really hope you can solve this the soonest as possible. LasT year we had the same issues with Kabam and a lot of players left the game.
    These days Avalon server is in the same situation.
    People, me included, is getting tired of this situation. We are beginning to wake up, and that is the worst scenario for a strategy online game, when people wakes up and remembers that there is a real world outside.
    Hurry up, don't cut our addiction or we will recover our sobriety and become clean of the game addiction.



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    Upset Knight

    We are tired

    Tired of all your mistakes, tired of each and every update that makes the game more boring because you need less strategy, the only thing that matters is who spends the most, tired that you never answer our support tickets and when you do is with some copy-paste text and not with a real solution, tired that we have to write in english forums because spanish and nothing are the same, tired that you never show respect to the average players who don't spend thousands a month but who are the ones who keep this game alive.

    We all used to love to play this game back when it was about training, attacking and defending, most of us keep on playing just because of the friends we've made but as time goes by you make it more difficult for us to find a reason to not quit once and for all, we need REAL ANSWERS

    The strike already begun

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    I played on lancelot 20 now lancelot136 after the merge..I also played in percival26 and now modred128, i have played same amount of time.. so why do you say that the maturity is different? your tournament, the merlin madness is all crap... you give out 100% better prizes to the english worlds why is that? why can kabam be fair across all servers? why did kabam change the campaign prizes? why does the English worlds have better campaign prizes then the european worlds? is our money not good enough? I will bet that Kabam profits about the same amount of money from the European worlds from the english worlds... Dana from Kabam its time that you guys start treating us fairly across the board, if not kabam european servers will die slowly and guess what there will be no more profits...

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    I wont spend a dollar till kabam brings to lancelot the same prizes they give un other servers. I agree 100% with xime and serx . We will fight or die . Kisses Dana .

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    And now you have banned Cuec from the forum ? . It is lamentable we maintain and we will keep firm . 36 hours on strike and what remains

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    still no response from kabam... i guess ill be quitting this game and play Clash of Clans...

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