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Thread: Bigger, Stronger, more Active Realm

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    Bigger, Stronger, more Active Realm

    I am Farmer John, OL of arguably the number one alliance in the Realm Aegeus. We're looking for people to join our cause of joining a new realm in January. Our plan is to get many from all realms that are dedicated and active to join with us in making a realm highly active. Most of us will of course keep a low profile the first couple weeks, making no purchases but to only build buildings and do research so the realm may take its own natural course of finding new players and new actives. Keeping low is just to make sure we don't drive inexperienced players away by making them think they don't stand a chance. If you're interested then please let me know, we already have a large group of actives from our realm, now we want to expand and make a realm that never dies!

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    You may add me to LINE Dough06

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    Anyone in the realm Pallas?

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