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Thread: Fatal Error 1002

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    Kabam! You just going to fix these errors??? And then so many emails with the problem, and not one of your reply, I have not seen. If it's not fixable, then immediately tell. But You have to fix, You are the game developers! Already 2 weeks can't log on to your account due to error 1002

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    Happend since today....

    Username: #gEriz84

    PS: i opened an ticket ... lets wait

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    Sigrid on griflet 18
    Countess anna on arthur 41
    Solar tiger on percival 27

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    Happened on 1 dec 2014. Cannot access any accts. Sign in and get new ones. I spent money and want my accts back pls.

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    Dark Garfield
    OMG. Already missed three arenas. Will miss another three.

    What?! There is no fix at all??? Permanent account lost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Garfield View Post
    OMG. Already missed three arenas. Will miss another three.

    What?! There is no fix at all??? Permanent account lost?
    It seems so probably we all are lost account permanently. Don't you see the support's answer to sent me about this situation ?

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    I believe this is what happened to me? I did not get an error message though, please see my post..
    it also happened during castle siege and also during the last day of the golden city event.

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    I hava same problem

    When I try start the program it ask me type my password avain cos something chance has happened. After i have done it it sais fatal error it dosent matter if i use iPad or iphone. This happens all the time after yesterday evening.

    Realm excalibur-90
    Username Loki

    Please fix it fast

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    If you want to keep this clean And professional give us update dont let us Hanging here

    Quote Originally Posted by Kabam_sp4zrocker View Post
    We are trying to isolate the problem. If you have had this issue please post your username, and current server. Also post when this happened to you (during Castle Siege, after update, etc.) and where this happened to you (during loading screen, after log in, etc.)

    I will be removing any posts that are off topic. Let's get this problem resolved by maintain professional attitude so the GM team can quickly respond to this issue.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your help.

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    name - [A19]Fraction
    server - lucan 37

    the same 1002 problem when logging in. appeared when i entered another kabam account via my original google account. however the secondary account is working, and primary is not. cmon guys do something. it seems to me you are losing the game. you do nothing with cheaters and you do not help other players. three months ago arenas counted about 2k people per arena. now it's about 700 players per each arena. players are leaving. you got my negative feedback on google play. soon you will loose all of the players with attitude you showing to us. it is really bad job. and i am demanding compensation for losing summon storm because of you. however tnx for your attention

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