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Thread: Fatal Error 1002

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    Case number - 02878798
    User name : °•???????•°Rokudo^_^
    Server : Lucan-37

    Account does not work for 6 days .. help please..

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    User name : Kalel
    Server : Bedivere-73

    This happened during the land.

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    1002 error

    after opening Kabam reward e-mail and click the link.
    boss-32 / ??? /

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    Server - Tristan-28
    User name - Igor'
    Kabam ID

    error 1002 appeared about 20-21 November, after he had gone into the game with another device, as there was a main unit, and when I started running the game heroes of Camelot, when mode gave this error 1002, since can't actually access my account from other devices also generates an error 1002.
    Correct the error please.

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    Dark Garfield
    When can it be solved?

    I don't want to lose my rewards just because I cannot login to collect them.

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    Any update.
    1st i am still unable to log 5th day and counting.
    2nd. Collect prize timer runing.
    3rd. How will kabam conpansate this time for me
    4th. on the 5th day of sky event I was 16th spent over 600 pots jad left 700 to up my rank. The error occurred and I fell to 26th been told by friends there which I cannot collect yet.
    5th. I will not let go of my account and effort to build. All my guild and friends r waiting my return or all will quit no more money would be spent.

    At least update the post with whays happening. Alll these days amd you can't recover account access which is the bottle neck amd the base of your game design thats lame.

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    ???? ? - 02879249*
    ??? ????????????: ????? =??= ?????
    ??????: ?????-61*??????? ?????? ?? ???????? ? ??????? 3 ???? ??????? ??? ?? ????????? ????? ????? ???? ?????? ?????, ?? ?????? 12 ? ?? ???? ?????? 1002 ???????? ?????????? ..*??? ?????)))

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    After I got the new update fir this heroes if comlot when tge calste sige or gold sky event start I keep getting a pop up in this game say unfortunately google play store has stop! And I talk to a lot of players in line appa they say they has the same things happen and wrost they can't log back in to the game!!!! Luck for me I was in a mid of the raid the game just shut down and restrat it for me. Can u fix the promble???

    The other players say just delete the game appa than u will not have any more promble. Love the game and did put some money in to this so please fix promble!!

    Name Over Lord
    Realm. Pellinore-59

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    Thank you for contacting again. Due to the nature of the issue you encountered, the action taken was determined to be appropriate by the Game Team and guidelines that are in place to ensure a certain level of fairness across the board, so I want to apologize if the Game Team was unable to provide the restoration you desire. I understand this poses a challenge to you and I can see how it would be very frustrating. I apologize for that and any inconveniences this circumstance may have caused.

    On your behalf, I will relay your sentiments to our Game Team. I thank you for sharing your experience, and I assure that our Game Team will hear your appeal. The Game Team is continually looking to improve. Our game is a dynamic, online gaming experience with features that are consistently getting modified to better suit the needs of our players. In many ways, our gameplay is directly influenced by people like you, whose thoughts and suggestions impact what features the Developers implement.

    Please be aware that we have advocated for you and have given you the maximum that we could in respect to the larger community and the circumstance at hand. The Game Team will be unable to further assist with this request. We understand that this may not be what you expected and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this poses. We thank you for your patience and understanding. This support ticket will now be closed. Should you need assistance regarding another issue, please feel more than welcome to submit another petition.


    Dylan P.
    Kabam Support
    Are you kidding me ? They don't help and closed my ticket. What the **** is that ? Solve that ridiculous problem immediately and gave me back my account.

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    Sp4z / smash or aaron gave me a detalied explanation for this issue. I want my character back that's all. How you aren't solve that problem you have all the logs and other things you need ?

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