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Thread: Fatal Error 1002

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    Fatal Error 1002

    We are trying to isolate the problem. If you have had this issue please post your username, and current server. Also post when this happened to you (during Castle Siege, after update, etc.) and where this happened to you (during loading screen, after log in, etc.)

    I will be removing any posts that are off topic. Let's get this problem resolved by maintain professional attitude so the GM team can quickly respond to this issue.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your help.

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    It happened when i quit another account and try login mine at 5th day sky city event.

    Another question, What happens to missed event like chest of chests or lost rank sky city because of this problem are you compensate these or not because the 1002 error is our fault ?

    Percival - 7

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    the lighting god
    hello i was blocked from playing for 11 days miss the castle siege from day 1 and the golden sky event 6 days and after 11 days finally i can play now but guess what i was have 4 chest of supply i opened just the 1st day and around 70 to 80 summon stones dont remember the exact number in my inventory now my inventory have no 4 chests and no summon stones my case number #02873429 I want you kabam kindly make it up for me 10 days I can't login I have missed castle siege from day 1 and arenas and all promos and now this sky land event please compensated me some stamania potions to play in the event or 10 make up chest please and my 4 supply chests and summon stones

    The Lighting God Bors-46

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    User name : midolj
    Realm :Â*Pellinore-59
    Email kabam id
    Last 2 item purchase : makup chest and I'm vambarel.
    Other realms.. midolj or player with default numbers.
    Approximate reg date 8 - 10 months.Player update in sky event my score was 16k + top 20 if still there. All cities done achevments remains 3 dice champ sumon better luck.Â*This account is my first and main when visitingÂ*Pellinore-79 it conflicted with secondary account Â* Â*
    User sir.midolj
    Realm:bors 66
    Since then it is acting as default profile no beginers shows .cleared cache uninstalled and Installed
    Tried on a brand new tablet..
    Where I saw a default profile once I entered the
    Kabam id the second showed and actes as default too on the new tablet.

    All happened after update.3.6 and going to spanish realm to check the round table update there .
    When I add the kabam id it says login successful restart and when loading it stops asks for pass again to sync changes that have been detected and error 1002 shows and the loop starts only guest login and there I find the account shows.

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    Dark Garfield
    Server: Arthur 41
    UserName: ?????
    Ticket Number: 02880461

    It just happened. When my first phone battery low, I used another phone.
    Then it says "there are some changes in your account, please re-enter your password." with two buttons "login" and "guest".
    Whenever I entered password and click login, it gives error code 1002.
    Whenever I choose guest, which gives me a new character on some other server, and then I login with my Kabam account in the settings page, the game will restart and repeat the same procedure.

    Please solve as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Spiderman ®

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    Happened once after update and once in either arena of event.
    Nothing major happend game just restarted

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    Guest parachurch two accounts can not be accessed due to fatal error code1002 We resolved quickly

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    Guest two accounts can not be accessed due to fatal error code 1002 We resolved quickly

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    Server: Excalibur 50
    name: hansi
    When I open the game it wants my username and password because my account changed (but it didn´t). When i put in username and password i get the fatal error 1002. It happened 3 days ago I think. It happenend during the November Chest. I really wanted to buy this November chest, but because of the error I couldn´t. I invested a lot of money in my account and now that fatal error. Please fix that and let me buy or gift me November Chests or I will stop playing. Everybody has good cards now because he bought November chest and i couldn´t.

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