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Thread: Why did you choose your game/forum name?

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    Why did you choose your game/forum name?

    Thought it might be interesting to see why people chose there game/forum name
    I chose to rename myself gozzly_original as in the world I play on I'm one of only a few members of the alliance gozzly who is still playing from when it started (there's only 2 of us on the whole server)
    Before that I was called 154 because I used to play the Facebook version of koc and before they merged worlds there my domain was caval154

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    I'll try to make this short

    While working at Square Enix, my Game Master/Community Manager name had to not show up in a Google search. (I think they were messing with me...) So I used one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters name, Rikku, and switched the "i" with the "u" to form Rukki. That showed up in search so I added more letters to it and it took three more for the name to not show up in search thus Rukkirii was born!

    For those who don't know how to pronounce my name it's Roo-kir-ee.

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    I like the poems "Foot prints in the sand"
    One evening at a friends social get together, i was reading the poem that was posted on the wall for the first time (i already had a few drinks in me btw).
    At the end of the poem it reads "during youre times of trial and suffering, when you saw only one set of foot prints, it was then that i carried you".
    I found it very profound and deep, i was moved and it stayed with me. I have used that as my game name for several years now on everything i play, since Diablo II.

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    I simply based it on my real name.
    Not much creativity there. lol

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