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Thread: Play with Champions to win Goodies!

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    Play with Champions to win Goodies!

    Guardians! We are bringing you another great event! Details below.

    Event Time
    00.00 11.13.15 - 23.59 11.15.15

    Event Content

    During the course of the event, if you play games in 3v3 or 5v5 (surrender and AFK excluded) with selected champions, you can win yourselves some great prizes!
    "Which champions! Which Prizes!" I hear you cry, well, look below to find out.

    Champion No. of times to play Prize
    Dante 1 Iron Gems x 3
    Lucan 2 Diamonds x 38
    Bass 3 Will of Twisted Element (3 Day Trial) + Diamonds x 58

    So make sure to get yourself into the arenas for prizes and battle!
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