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Thread: P52 alliance "Ascended" strongly considering world merger, new applications post/pm

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    P52 alliance "Ascended" strongly considering world merger, new applications post/pm

    Any people from P52 interested in applying to "Ascended"can either post here or send a private message.
    There will be a screening process, and it will be put to a vote via officers and above.

    This is also open to any others who will be joining the merge into the new world.
    18+ years of age prefered (due to adult content in our conversations)
    4 cities, and willing to work on 5th
    lvl 50+
    open to constructive criticism (this is willingness to follow advice)
    respect the chain of command and follow orders; Also use chain of cammand when you have a problem (proper communication)
    Must be respectful of chat (both alliance and global)
    No stealing or poaching tks; (we do not tolerate selfish players)
    No providing or sharing alliance only information with others (i.e. bank system ect) Spys will be dealt with.
    Must be an active player, inactives are removed. (unless notified previously, communication is important)
    Above all else, be loyal and dedicated to the alliance before youre own needs.

    Thanks for reading,
    ~~TrialNsuffering of P52

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    World Merger into Pellinore 129 was very smooth.
    We are combining with other "Ascended" alliances from other worlds.
    Spots are filling up fast, if you wish to join, time is a factor.

    GL to all in the new world, cheers!

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