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Thread: Camelot's Mightiest Champion Season 3

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    Camelot's Mightiest Champion Season 3

    Hear ye, hear ye! Camelot’s Mightiest Champion Season 3 is here!

    ‘Tis the time we test thy strength and hold a contest to find the greatest Lord or Lady in all of Camelot. Dost thou have what it takes to be the greatest Champion in all of Camelot?
    Fare thee well and may the odds be ever in your favor!

    The Camelot’s Mightiest Champion Tournament measures players’ overall achievements through the collection of Camelot’s Mightiest Trophies by participating in Tournament events that are held over a span of several weeks during the Season. At the end of the event, all players who have earned at least one Camelot’s Mightiest Trophy will be rewarded with a participation prize.

    1. The tournament will run from 8/27 18:00 UTC to 9/16 18:00 UTC. *Times are subject to change.
    2. The tournament schedule is posted below. Events may change and surprise flash events may appear over the course of the next three weeks.
    3. The Camelot’s Mightiest Trophy is not an item for redemption, it is only used for determining participants ranking scores. The item will be removed from player inventories after Season 3 ends.
    4. Camelot’s Mightiest Trophy will not be sold. The only way to win the item will be through placing in tournaments.
    5. Camelot’s Mightiest Trophy counts will be audited throughout the competition to maintain legitimacy within the ranks. In the event that a player takes advantage of any bugs that may appear in the future to skew their placement, action will be taken against the account.
    6. The contest is only available to the older US Worlds: 1,2,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,16,17,18,21,22,23,24,25,26,3 3,36,37,38,39,40,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53, 54,57,59,60,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,75,76,77,78,80,87 ,97

    Participants will be ranked by Classifications based on how many Camelot’s Mightiest Trophies they obtain. Each of these Classification categories will have a set amount of players who can be placed within the category.

    For example: Only 84 players can place in the Gem Classification therefore players ranked 2-85 based on Trophy count will be in the Gem category.

    Be aware that if you are towards the bottom of a Classification, there is a possibility that another player can gain more Trophy’s and move you to the Classification below. This is a Tournament of who’s the Mightiest in Camelot after all!

    Min RankClassification
    1Champion of Camelot


    The top 20 players in all of Camelot will receive the following:
    116,000 World GemsGear Named After Player40k Renown7x Arthur's Elite Division50x Merlin's Magical Tokens & 10x Lunete's Tokens for Alliance
    28,000 World GemsGear Named After Player35k Renown6x Arthur’s Elite Division35x Merlin's Magical Tokens & 10x Lunete's Tokens for Alliance
    34,000 World GemsGear Named After Player30k Renown5x Arthur’s Elite Division30x Merlin's Magical Tokens & 10x Lunete's Tokens for Alliance
    42,000 World GemsGear Named After Player25k Renown4x Arthur’s Elite Division25x Merlin’s Tokens & 10x Lunete's Tokens for Alliance
    51,000 World GemsGear Named After Player20k Renown3x Arthur’s Elite Division20x Merlin’s Tokens & 10x Lunete's Tokens for Alliance
    6-101,000 World Gems10k Renown2x Arthur’s Elite Division20x Merlin’s Tokens & 5x Lunete's Tokens for Alliance
    11-20500 World Gems5k Renown1x Arthur’s Elite Division10x Merlin’s Tokens & 3x Lunete's Tokens for Alliance

    *Be sure to be in your Alliance after the Season ends and before prizes are paid out.

    Classification Prizes:
    Champion of CamelotGemPlatinumGoldSilverBronzeOreStoneWood
    Chat BadgesChat BadgesChat BadgesChat BadgesChat Badges4x Sainted Armory2x Sainted Armory1x Sacred Armory1x Celestial Armory
    1x Season 3 Gear Set1x Season 3 Gear Set1x AyiQ's Longsword1x Season 3 Armory2x Season 2 Armory2x Imperial Training(*Lv5)1x Imperial Training(*Lv5)2x Mystic Training (Lv255)1x Mystic Training (Lv255)
    5x Total Master Hammer Lv 103x Total Master Hammer Lv 101x Season 3 Armory2x Total Master Hammer Lv 81x Total Master Hammer Lv 71x Grail Training (Lv255)2x Mystic Training (Lv255)City of Solace DeedCity of Solace Deed
    5x Gold EXP Charm5x Silver EXP Charm2x Total Master Hammer Lv91x Silver EXP Charm1x Silver EXP Charm20x Bronze Hammer10x Bronze HammerViviane's Aura10x Iron Hammer
    1x Divine Training(*Lv5)1x Divine Training(*Lv5)2x Silver EXP Charm3x Imperial Training(*Lv5)2x Imperial Training(*Lv5)1x Bronze EXP Charm5x Enchantment Dust Package5x Bronze Hammer1x Enchantment Dust Package
    1x Grail Training (Lv255)1x Grail Training (Lv255)1x Divine Training(*Lv5)1x Grail Training (Lv255)1x Grail Training (Lv255)1x "Divine Upgrade" Barracks4x Elevation +5 Prize Chest2x Enchantment Dust Package5x Elevation +3 Prize Chest
    1x Arthur's Elite Division1x Arthur's Elite Division1x Grail Training (Lv255)2x "Divine Upgrade" Barracks1x "Divine Upgrade" Barracks10x Enchantment Dust Package5x Elevation +4 Prize Chest
    2x "Divine Upgrade" Barracks2x "Divine Upgrade" Barracks1x Arthur's Elite Division3x Elevation +10 Prize Chest3x Elevation +8 Prize Chest
    2x "Divine Upgrade" Barracks

    New Feature: Chat Badges

    Chat Badges are icons that appear next to your name in game chat that signify a player's classification after the Season ends. Please be aware that they are not permanent and will be removed when the following Season ends to reward the new Season's winners.

    Chest Descriptions:

    Arthur’s Elite Division contains ALL of the following:
    • 15,000 Templars
    • 10,000 Mounted Templars
    • 10,000 Megaballistae
    • 10,000 Imperial Guardians
    • 10,000 Crimson Mages
    • 10,000 Shadow Assassins
    • 10,000 Arcane Archers

    Total Master Hammer chests contain Master Hammers up to the level of the chest.


    *Events may change and surprise flash events may appear over the course of the next three weeks.

    *Best viewed on mobile as "Full Site".

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    Final Camelot's Mightiest Champion Season 3 Leaderboards!

    Congratulations to the Champion of Camelot, Lohengrin! And congratulations to everyone who has participated in Camelot's Mightiest Champion Season 3!


    Top 200

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