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Thread: how can I Calculate the loss of troops

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    Question how can I Calculate the loss of troops

    sometimes I do not lose any troops,but sometimes I use the same quantity of troops,I lose much,why? how could I Calculate the loss of troops?thanks for helping

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    I am surprised you haven't been answered. I don't know all the answers but I can give you some clues.
    I think the exact calculations are a secret.
    Pay attention to troop type. You have ground, artillery and mounted. Actually there is a fourth which is supply. They don't attack.
    Mounted are good vs artillery and weak vs ground. Artillery are good vs ground and weak vs mounted. Ground good vs mounted, weak vs artillery.
    There are tiers T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6. Each tier is stronger and has one of each of the four types. One measure of strength is might.
    Check out the Barracks for more info on the above.
    Knights from Knight Hall must go on each attack and add modifiers to the troops. I can't begin to get into the details.
    Heroes from the keep can add might to your attack or defense, but only certain heroes. See hero profiles.
    Wilds and Pict camps vary in troops defending. Your attack varies depending on tier, type, number, knight and heroes. When attacking other players they have similar modifiers on defense.
    I have seen other threads in other topics that discuss the above in greater detail. That may be why you haven't been answered because moderators like to limit redundant threads.

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    desolation angel
    You can read that large post above lol but in short t1 -t4 and all wall troops have weaknesses you view them in barracks and walll . then it depends if your opponent has a knight or heroes assigned you can check report for that if they have a knight that is stronger then yours you will take damage and worse then that heroes . heroes are the main reason you lose no troops they make a big difference so if they have heroes stronger then yours it won't end well . reports usually tell all the info you need to know why you won or lost.

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