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Thread: Im so confused, please help MODS

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    Im so confused, please help MODS

    Im currently using pedrorose in Zugspitze as i havent played in ages but have always loved the game. i started playing the game again and cant access my acount in windsor. My player name was NumberFour, when i click on my account i cant access it. i put alot of time and effort into playing on that account and spend so much time trying to get my dragons. can you please find out whats wrong.
    yours sincerly noob

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    If u can give me more info would help, Are u talking about email or in game also time away from game?

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    Hello! was your issue resolved? if not you can email us at

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    Zugspitze and Windsor were servers in the PC version of Dragons of Atlantis (DoA), which is not managed by Gaea. The mobile version is Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon (DHD) A number of players are confused by this, but unfortunately there is no connection between the two games, so it is not possible to transfer accounts between them.
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