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Thread: Camelot's Mightiest Champion: Classifications & Prizes (Season 1 winner announced!!)

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    Camelot's Mightiest Champion: Classifications & Prizes (Season 1 winner announced!!)


    Those who gaineth enough of Camelot's Mightiest Trophies wilt hath one of these grand classifications bestowed on them by the Majesty himself!

    Champion of Camelot: The Mightiest competitor in all of Camelot!
    Gem: Rare & Precious, His Majesty’s prized treasures.
    Platinum: Strong & Enduring, the Guards of the Royal Court.
    Gold: Knowledgeable & Enlightening, the Scholars of the Royal Court.
    Silver: Wise and Magically adept, the Wizards of Camelot.
    Bronze: Dignified & Courteous, the Nobles of Camelot.
    Ore: Battle-hardened, the Knights of Camelot.
    Stone: Inquisitive, the Squires of Camelot.
    Wood: Eager, the Pages of Camelot.

    *Updated 6/27*

    Final Count

    Each classification is based off of players to percent. So each category is the minimum amount of trophies needed to be in that percent of players. Meaning, the minimum trophy ranks will scale as more players gain trophies.

    In addition to classification prizes, the top 20 victors with the most trophies will receive additional treasures of exceeding value and be permanently enshrined in King Arthur’s Hall of Fame!
    *The Champion of Camelot is Rank 1, therefore their prize has been added to the classification graphic with their other prizes.*

    View the gear named after the Top 5 Winners here!

    Click here for Camelot's Mightiest Champion: Season I Tournament details!

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    Final Standings: Upon futher investigation we have adjusted the leader board
    Loyal Knights, lets raise our swords and cheer for our very own Champion of Camelot, Lohengrin!

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    Prize Payout Announcement

    We are currently going through an in-depth verification process of the Trophy counts which has resulted in an extension of the prize payout date we were initially aiming for. At this time we will be pushing the payout date until some time next week after verifying that the Trophy counts are accurate.

    Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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