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    there are soo many glitches in this game iv lost count its crazy . even when the new update says bug fixes the bugs aren't really fixed they just come back 2 hours later or later or sooner its just annoying

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    The persistant bug annoying me is the one for dragon exploration, where you send your dragon away, time goes by and then it shows "explore" again rather than a treasure chest...there are times you then click explore again and you "lose" that chest. A force refresh fixes it for that one time, but it's still an annoying bug that's been around since day 1 of that exploration and still hasn't been fixed. It all comes down to the game updating in real time....aka ever notice you get mail about new troop box yet it doesn't show up in items shop? Takes a force refresh to "pull new information" from the servers as it's not always updating immediately.

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    there's another glitch where the game crashes and reloads and says story board and the screen is black I had to reinstall the game to fix it. there's another glitch when re installing the game it just says CANNOT DOWNLOAD APP

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