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Thread: what good is your sentenal if u don't get notifications?

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    what good is your sentenal if u don't get notifications?

    So I guess judging by your crappy customer support email response I got, I'm supposed to ask my question again.

    What good is my sentinel? I mean I get notifications on my phone that troops are finished training and what not but no notification when my sentinel detects a incoming attack. Of all notifications this is the only one that matters. Just today I lost 2 mil gold to a coward in the top guild that was 20 levels higher and warpped so the battle report wouldn't lead me to him. This could have been avoided if my phone let me know that my sentinel detected the attack. I could have sent the gold away. Wtf kabam????

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    No offense... but it's only 2m gold, why are you complaining? Plus, he's not exactly a coward. He's Dark Warping, hitting the neighborhood and Dark Warping again. It's a play style, and I'm pretty damn sure he wasn't scared of you retaliating.

    Don't get me wrong, I completely agree. Of all the notifications that my phone is spammed with from the game, this is the one that matters the most. Maybe give us the ability to turn on/off specific notifications as we choose.

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    I agree. The sentinel should definitely give notifications. At least for incoming attacks.

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    Yea that would be perfect and increase activities in the game

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    Sentinel!!!! It is of no use if it can't give notifications

    GAEA should must bring sentinel notifications.

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