Introducing Version 3.1 Features for DHD!

Citizens of Atlantis,

We proudly introduce Version 3.1 Features for Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon!

Released along with the NEW Earth Dragon Expansion, improvements will be applied to in-game mechanics and new and exciting features will be implemented!

Alliance Improvements

In order to improve the way Alliance Members interact, we are introducing features to ease and automate the most frequently used actions by Alliances.

For example, every Member will be able to request certain amount of Resources or Troops, and any Member of the Alliance will be able to respond to these requests!

Special Feature: Alliance Gifts - More information coming soon!

Dragon Quests

You have raised, trained and equipped your Dragons. Now it’s time to send them on adventures!

Dragon Quests will allow you to dispatch you Dragons for exploration and treasure hunting!

Let your Dragon find the most powerful and exclusive prizes for you!

The Wheel of Wonder

Amazing prizes await in the NEW Wheel of Wonder! When active, tap on the Wheel icon to gain access to this exciting new feature! Collect special Wheel pieces and unlock unique rewards!

Good luck and wishes of prosperity to all Citizens of Atlantis!

Seasonal Features

Be on the lookout for some of the upcoming seasonal features! New items, events and special features will be implemented in the worlds of Atlantis. New surprises to discover, gifts to unwrap, and awesome content!