Citizens of Atlantis,

The Nightshade Dragon has been discovered in Atlantis!

You can open up the second expansion to your city once you have collected the Nightshade Dragon Egg!

You will be able to obtain the Nightshade Dragon Egg by participating in any of the following ways:
- Winning special Tournaments
- Participating in special promotions and events
- Mystery Boxes

The Nightshade Dragon is stronger than the Great Dragon, the Nightshade Dragon is a MUST HAVE addition to your army! These fearsome Dragons are able to expel mighty gusts of wind, buff your troops, and even give additional life to your army!

Like the Water and Great Dragon, the Nightshade Dragon needs to be fully equipped and armored before going into battle.The Nightshade Dragon can only use special armor pieces built just for it, which are distinguished by a blue leaf symbol.

The Nightshade Dragon expansion offers new advantages for the budding ruler of Atlantis….

·Hatch your Nightshade Dragon for a fearsome ally in combat.

·Bolster your army with the new Marsh Horror troop.

·Horde and spend the new premium Resource: Seeds.

·Heal your army with the new Healing Pool.

·10 Additional slots to build Nurseries, Healing Pools, or other buildings.

Get a hand on the Nightshade Dragon and become the most powerful Dragon Tamer of Atlantis !