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Thread: Login / Account Sync problems

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    Login / Account Sync problems

    Hi all guys,
    i'm having a small problem:

    sometimes the game asks me to login, i give my credential but all i get is "Fatal Error 103"

    Obviously email and password are correct but they are not the same of my google account with which i've downloaded the game.

    How to fix this? I've just spent a few money to get the Guardian Angel and i dont wanna risk to lose everything (i've already decided to restart my lvl 61 account, that's enough)

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    Hi Shirl86,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We hope to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Your account should be perfectly safe -- this is just a log-in bug that we're currently fixing.

    What is your in-game name? I can double-check your account for you to make sure.


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    I've changed named just few mins ago, i've used the same name i got here: Shirl86

    As i've said the email are different, i dont know if that matters or not... but i'd like to be sure since i've just spent 27 euros for the 2100 gem pack

    Thx Aaron

    PS: I add a small question, i've read many topics about un-satisfied ppl because of starting mana points and drop rates, etc... i've started with 110 mana points, is it "normal" or bugged or anything else?

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    Hey Shirl86,

    Did you manage to log on or are you still getting the error code?

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    Nop, the problem is slightly changed:

    I go to settings, insert my email/password and the game says "Login Successful, please restart the game"
    (i have to say that under the login my google mail is showed)

    After that the game restarts automatically and, at 50% loading, a popup window shows asking me to insert credential again because "something has changed" i insert my credentials and it gives again "Fatal Error 103" only way to continue is to choose "Guest" and than the game goes in with my account datas

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    Heroes of camelot A change has been detected in your kabam ID account.Please login again te re-sync your account

    Fatal error,code=103 help me

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    hiii i realy like heroes of camelot game and i think it is best android game.but i have a problem today someone told me i can play this game on pc and i download the program and it worked but i tried to join with my kabam acount and suddenly everythings gone now its look like i am new player when i tried to join with google+ there is synchronous problem and Fatal error, cod=2 pls help me
    my game nick is dostrn my lvl is 80 and my mail is
    i hope u ll help me i dont wanna start again

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    its look like i have same problem with Shirl86 i hope u can find a solution for us

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    I try to log into my account and it says loin with kabam Id failed I have been playing 3 days and am level 52 I don't want to lose my progress for no reason and lose the money I have put into it already if it is lost I also play the hobbit kingdom of middle earth too do I need to create a new account because of that I'm just wondering eat is going on help me out please I'm in I'm in Bors-26 game name wolfrider there I'm causing along there and is there a ways to change world's to my wide plays and I was going to switch to her world but I don't see a place to do that either or a support button in game for help and one last thing about guild possibly a way to message every one in your guild would be great to get the message out to every one rather than one person at a time ok sorry about all that help about the progress saved would be most important

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    I am having trouble synching my Heroes of Camelot account to my new phone *(Samsung Galaxy Note 2). It works fine on my Galaxy SII, but everytime I input my email and password into the game settings to try to sync up my account, it says "login successful, please restart the game" and then it jumps to the loading screen immediately and loads right back to the starter account crap that you are forced to create when newly installing this game. There should be an option to skip that and login/sync your game immediately... it would save a lot of headache for veteran players transferring accounts. So, instead of my 2 servers with lvl 85 characters and SSS decks on each one, I get one server of lvl 2 *(where the tutorial drops you off) and none of my other servers/characters are listed, so then I check settings again and where I logged in before it lists my email address with a button to "Re-login" and when I click that it says "A change has been detected in your kabam ID account. Please login again to re-sync your account." But then if I enter my password again, the same thing just happens all over again and it never loads my characters. I've tried force quitting, clearing app data and cache, and nothing so far has worked. Any ideas?

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