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Thread: Can you transfer the Alliance to an other Alliance member?

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    Question Can you transfer the Alliance to an other Alliance member?

    What if the Overlord wants to resign what happens to the Alliance? Does the next person down the line takeover.? Or is the Alliance dissolved?

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    When you're an Overlord and you leave the alliance, a window will appear asking you to transfer the title to another member. You just click on one of the members in the list and you're done. Your departure will then be completed.

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    Accidental appointed

    What happens if you accidently appoint a player who hasn't been on for almost a week. Is there anyway of getting the alliance back and over throwing him..

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    All you need to do is write to Customer Support via the game (Settings/Help/Contact Support) or via email:

    Explain the situation in as much detail as possible, provide a screenshot with your alliance name and alliance ID, and they should be able to transfer leadership to an active member.
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