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Thread: Tier list

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    If this is just going to turn in to trash talking thread and not stick to the original discussion I will just close it. If you have forgotten what this thread is about.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skrapz (dopeman) View Post
    Hey everyone, this is my first post to the forums I hope this helps.
    I believe this is the tier list currently, if you have any suggestions please feel free to post it. I took into consideration 3v3 and 5v5 where teamfights happen regularly.

    S tier: Constantine, Locke, Hiro, Wukong, and Ganzo

    A tier:Carmilla, Pyx, Kadar, lenneth, Helen, mephisto, Domino, Minaya, Aurora, and Tresslar

    B tier : Raglan, xelkuz, Sasha, Atulu, Tao, Krasher, Aldov, bass, Saka, Lilith, Pandora, Askar, Vondrack, Dante, Rosmira, Thor, Musaya and Natasha.

    C tier: habbie, Gaer, Hiti, Patch, Alice, Electa, and Lucan, Bragdallur.

    This is my opinion of the champions currently. I will try update this thread with new patches and suggestions. Please call me out if I butchered some rankings.

    Edit: missing champions added (Musaya, Bragdallur)
    Edit2: tresslar (S) > A , Ganzo/Wukong (A) >S
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    Quote Originally Posted by King View Post
    Close it they trash talking about me
    Lol, you made them...

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    League of legends double lift? The pro? I gotta see this.

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    uh its more looks like a tier for yourself :/
    not all of player gonna aggree looking their favorite hero on a lowest tier. and they can easily kill an S tier you mention with just C tier. :/
    nuf, i disagree with this tier play.

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