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Thread: PS3 VS Xbox

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    PS3 VS Xbox

    Which one is better? Give me some feedbacks. Will be an interesting discussion and debate...

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    Xbox hands down. I tried Playstation 3 a while back and i recieved a much better service from the guys at Microsoft. The Xbox is somewhat faster and much more enjoyable to play. It is very user friendly and not so much confusing. what is your opinion?

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    PC master race

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    While I may be biased toward the Playstation because I own one, I'm going to have to agree with CadeH.

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    I will always be biased for PC personally, can't top those graphics. Plus my hands are to small to comfortably hold controllers for extended periods of time...o.O

    Between the two consoles, I would go with PS4 mostly because of the UI, the flow is very smooth and simplistic. The other deal breaker, is xbox one's "snap" feature, that will be the bane of my existence thanks to it appearing when I don't want it to mid boss mob fight >_>..

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