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    Nn riesco ad acquistare gemme,fa sempre errore connessione a iTunes

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    try this

    Originally Posted by gillt
    force quit fixes the problem (rebooting ipad or iphone does not fix it for me).....
    1. Make sure you have the app open and it is saying "connecting to server"
    2. Press and hold the power button on the top edge of your iphone or ipad until it gives the shutdown bar at the top (do not shutdown your device)
    3. Press and hold your home button at the bottom of your iphone or ipad until you see the app close (you will not see anything until the app closes and then the device will go to the home screen, this was about 10 seconds or so for me).
    4. Re-open the app and it should load fine.

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    Perdita gemme

    Problema con le 75 gemme che mi sono state regalate per la registrazione. Dopo due giorni mi son state cancellate. Avevo gi√* scritto una mail per lamentarmi del fatto ma non ho ricevuto risposta. √ą successo a giugno .

    Ciao e buon game

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    I've the same problem. I tried to follow Your indications, but I'still receive the same problem "ERRORE CONNESSIONE ITUNES"

    I already bought GEMS before, it happens after my last password change
    (BEFORE YOU ASK ME.........YES, I use the right password, YES, I'm SURE...... YES, I made many test and with this account and this pwd I can buy on iTunes)

    My account on KoC is ""

    Other indications


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    I Force Quit solve this problem.

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