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  1. Heores of Camelot doesn't exist anymore (english and german)


    Dear Community, dear Gaea,

    I am playing HOC for several years. When I started, there were only 5 cities, just a few 6* cards, Arenas that only went up to 5000. And it was a lot of fun!...
  2. You are so right

    Truth has been spoken and the list of reasons could be faaar longer.

    We should write warnings as ratings under the game, that it is pay to win. It clearly is.
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    Lets see...

    Let's say he is a real hardcore payer and has every card maxed except for the dragon and the new titan. Dragon T2, maybe T3. He doesn't fight bosses, because he already owns both of them anyway. In...
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    Sticky: Another thought about this

    Since there last wandering boss (lancelot the brave) could not be farmed by a lot of players caused by the connection problems, I wonder what you think about adding him to the grail knight shield...
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    Same problem here. It's driving me nuts. Bosses...

    Same problem here. It's driving me nuts. Bosses appear in a lag and are being added to the boss list, but no info is sent to the user. So I continue running, wasting pots and after some wondering i...
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    Stimme absolut zu

    Ich habe genau die gleichen bzw. sehr ?hnliche Probleme. Ich spiele ?ber Bluestacks an meinem PC. Es liegt nicht an dem Ger?t oder meiner Leitung. Seit dem letzten Update wechselt das Spiel alle 20...
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    Posting Behaviour Request..

    You should maybe rethink your posting behaviour. E. g: This Thread is absolutely offtopic here in Suggestions and Feedback.

    Also I do not think, that suggesting concrete cards in this forum is...
  8. Maybe not a real problem

    I don't see this as a real problem. This restriction affects every player in the same way so it's not unfair or something.
    You are right, the additional star for a T4 card is something to be...
  9. Absolutely! There are around ~400 unique cards...

    Absolutely! There are around ~400 unique cards while maybe just 30 of them are being used regularly. All other cards are dead. I am adding this to my collection. :D
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    Suggestion collection

    Hi Gaea and Kabam,

    I am playing Heroes of Camelot for more then 3 years now. Since there are the new daily rewards, I thought you might be open for more suggestions. :-)
    So I just made up this...
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