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  1. Thread: Mute button

    by Bleez s58

    I agree. A mute button would be very useful!

    I agree. A mute button would be very useful!
  2. Poll: Just a thought...

    Participating in a pvp event does not make someone a bully neither does attacking a guild that has players farming players roughly half their BRs (160k knight attacking a 74k archer) yes, I am aware...
  3. Poll: ;)

    I'm sorry who does the bullying? Let's take a peek at how Legacy talks to people on the server. Thank you DarthReno, Ferr, DeadBody and Chris211 all from Legacy for the following images.
  4. Poll: As always....

    Thank you Ferr as always for proving my point. Let me be the first to point out that s67 with a top archer at 215k BR, that you claim carries s58, s60, s62 and s65 still cannot beat spire. Yet the...
  5. Poll: s58 Merge

    Yes, the merger for s58 is needed. The server is very unbalanced as it stands, s41 would balance it out very nicely. Everyone knows that mergers are inevitable the drama that is being stirred up is...
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