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  1. [Must Read] We will bring Hero unassigning feature back to Classic Worlds

    After thorough observation and discussion, we plan to remove the new feature that prevents heroes falling off the duty slots due to lack of gold, from Classic Worlds, in order to keep providing...
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    178/179 Tournament Season - August

    Greetings Hero,

    Tournament Season for New Servers has been declared!
    We will run a series of Events between Aug 15 to Aug 29! Players and Alliances who win the biggest amount of Equinox Trophies...
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    Cheers to the 4 Years anniversary

    Cheers to 4 Years!
    Anniversary Giveaway
    Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon (DHD) is about to celebrate its 4th birthday this August! Yep it's been 4 fabulous years!

    To mark this...
  4. We did some adjustments to the march time

    Citizens of Atlantis,
    We received plenty of reports about issues with the march time. Please note, that the march time is now shorter than before (especially the transport march time). This is...
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    The new update is online!!

    Hi folks,
    The new Updated for Dragons of Atlantis just got released. It's content is as follows:

    New Feature:
    Alliance Healing Pool - send your troops to recover in the waters for the communal...
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    We are working on the wall issues

    Hi Dragonlords,
    We are well aware that some of you are encountering some issues with the walls switching to Custom Mode.

    Please be aware that we are are already working on solving this problem...
  7. ★ Network issues in the game with the Devils Castle

    Hi Dragonlords,

    We are very sorry that some of you are experiencing network timeout issues while attacking the Devils Castle. Please be aware that our developers are already working on fixing...
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    GAEA Annual Survey Reminder

    We've noticed some players forgot to select their realms when taking Gaea 2016-2017 Annual Survey.
    ★Please enter your account information again here before 23:59:59, March 22, 2017 (PST). We will...
  9. Sticky: ★ Important Notice in regard to refunds and third party ruby sellers

    Dear player,

    Here are some points that we would like to make clear in regard to canceling orders and purchasing Rubies from third party sites.

    1. Canceling orders: If you cancel a huge amount...
  10. **The Quest for the Mythical Alliance Scroll**

    Hey community!
    Your united voices have reached us!
    Many of you have heard of the mythical and elusive Alliance Scroll, and that it is hard to find. Many of you have asked us where it lies, and...
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    Facebook Minigame Valentins Soiree

    Hi Dragonlord,
    As some of you may noticed you were not able to enter the newest realms (the western merger target realms) into the Facebook Minigame panel on the weekend.

    We are aware of this...
  12. --> FIXED --> ATTENTION: Serverproblems!!

    Dear community,

    We're aware of the issue that some players cannot login to the game or recharge. As far as we know, it is caused by Amazon's server down which lead to being down..
  13. Some useful tipps from GAEA against ACCOUNTHACKING!!

    Hi Fellow Dragonkings.

    Here is some information on how GAEA deals with Hacked accounts and how you can prevent it:

    a) Account security is solely the responsibility of the account owner. We do...
  14. [ANDROID] Login issues after the latest update yesterday night Feb. 7th 2017

    Hi Dragonlords,
    The Android players amongst you may have experienced Login issues after yesterdays update.

    Thanks to all of your hepful feedback and contribution we fixed them already.
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    A new update is out

    The Alliance Base is just for you and your Alliance mates!
    ▶ Build your Alliance Base now!
    The time has come to strengthen the heart of your Alliance!
    ▶ Grow your Alliance...
  16. Frequently asked questions about the Servermerge

    How it will work:

    Everything a player currently has in their city & inventory will be moved to the new Realm (Resources, Troops, Inventory items, etc).

    Players who have cities on more than one...
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    Problems with the Dragon Domination!

    Hi Dragonlords,
    We apologize for all the issues some of you had with the Dragon Domination.

    Please note that our developers worked hard and that we now found a solution for this problem. ...
  18. Re. Blackscreen

    Hi hhhddd,
    Thank you so much for your message.

    But which device are you using? Please specify it a bit further?

    The more information we have, the better we are able to help you.

    All the...
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    Re. Alliance buildings

    Hi Dragonfolks,
    Thanks a lot for this helpful feedback. I gave it to the Gaeadevelopers so that they can think of ways how they can introduce it.

    All the best
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    Re. AvA: bronze league- needs some justice

    Hi Elly_chp,
    Please contact our support in the game and describe the issue there further.

    They will be happy on helping you with it.

    All the best
  21. Re. AVA target audience and times

    Hi Dragonlords,
    Thanks for the helpful feedback. I gave it to the developers so that they can use it for the further game improvement and the improvement of this function.

    All the best
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    Re. Multiple Earth Dragon Incubators

    Hi Firestorm,
    Thanks for the report. Please contact our support via the helpbutton in the game.

    They will be more than happy to check on your case.

    All the best
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    Re. Attack restrictions

    Hi Fighters,
    Thanks a lot for your helpful feedback. I passed it already along to Gaea so that the developers over there can use it for the further improvement of the game.

    All the best
  24. IMPORTANT Customer Service Feedback Survey

    Dear Players,

    In an effort to better serve you we would like more feedback on how we are doing with our customer service. You will notice that once your ticket is closed you receive a survey...
  25. Thread: Rubies

    by Hector-Gaea

    Re. Rubies

    Hi toothless52,
    I sent you a PM. Please give me there the information needed.

    All the best
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