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  1. Event center is gone

    Maybe the developers should look at the forums themselves... You know, since it's THEIR game.
  2. Re: event center

    Event center DID have events... for 2 days.
  3. Bump bump bump

    Bump. Bump. Bump.
  4. Re: regarding lack of events

    While we appreciate the Grail fragments in the daily login, and the 30 stamina for 1 squire hourglass, I think you folks are missing the point. How in the world are you explaining this by 1 person...
  5. Event center is gone

    Is the game over? Could we have a little transparency on the plan here, please? There is legitimately very little reason to play the game right now. Any answers would be helpful rather than the usual...
  6. Replies

    World Ports

    More than a few questions since this became available this morning. First, my options are to go to 133 and 143 from 119. I have an account in 143 which has zero might, but on the migration screen,...
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