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    Time to quit

    I think time to quit, active players continue dropped.
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    Wasting time

    I spent only about 80, and also no 7*. I stop joining leaf arena and lost interest to joint EMBARASSING Event. They humiliate name of st Patrick because they are Chinese. Just my opinion.
  3. It happen to me also, i check my internet...

    It happen to me also, i check my internet connection with speedtest show 32Mb/S. But it said unstable connection?? However us ussual new card into the pool almost impossible to summon. 4.5k ss from...
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    Google Refund

    At this time, i send google refund request for hoc. The reason, buy christmass chest with gems then they take back rewards from chest.

    I try to refund all payments, The dollars will be secret.
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    As said, Gaea give joke announcement. Christmass item will be replaced with new items??!!

    Do not said it will be compensate with summon stone?!! Summon stone is useless as you never got good card...
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    Rewards from bauble Arena

    There is bug from bauble Arena.
    1st day got 15 bouble
    To day i claim rewards for top 10 on bauble arena so i should got another 15 bauble

    Now i go to 2nd day bable arena and i should got 15...
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    City Event Bug

    It is always show downloading while fighting boss on hard mode. It take 20-30s downloading.

    What are you doing vicente and hoc soccerer. You guys should check it before you release the event.
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    Stop using and you should have no problem mate.

    And stop hack too much free gems using gametorg. ;)
  9. Thanks

    Yes, thanks gaea. It is very helpful. Now only 6 scroll to bottom inventory.
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    Same, i beat the dragon up to lvl 65 but only 4-9...

    Same, i beat the dragon up to lvl 65 but only 4-9 cake. My guild mate beat up to lvl 58-59 about 3-7 cake. I am not sure how the rewards working.

    Happy now the drop rate for pumpkin pie is better....
  11. Also daily quest need to be updated, same from...

    Also daily quest need to be updated, same from last 4 years.
    - daily quest wandering boss for new 7* boss but rewards is still 4-5 star. This should help new players.
    - evolving rewards for 7* or...
  12. Always there is time to say thank you Gaea

    Its been 4 years and lots of players enjoy this game.

    Now, fantastic change was made on Arena. The rewards on stage arena and nm potions arena is amazing. Now rewards every stage is 1 pot. This...
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    Additional info

    It is said drop rate is so bad. And for 7* Hymir, Woodan, mostlikely drop in 1:100.000 ss. Or lucky 1-2 normal players on your realm get it.

    I try about 200ssdrop 1 cacus. So, i think not woth it...
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    Almost all useless 7* from city event and GK Summon.

    Hi, i am not sure this answer your question.
    List 7* drop in summon storm as far i know from players on my realm
    - Argus,
    - Surt
    - Cacus
    - Woodan
    - Hymir
    - Sir Tor
    - Sir gawain
    - Topaz dragon
  15. Agree but

    Agree it is drop ticket on easy... 10 ticket.
    I spent few hours to get 2-3k tickets. It is just sufficient for 1 weekly arena. And normal event is most likely every 6-8 weeks at the best. So you...
  16. So Why Forum Exist???

    It is like, if you dont like it just leave it. Critics and input is not accepted. Sounds like that.

    So why forum and discussion still required??

    Ahaaaa... I see, if you dont like it, you dont...
  17. Arena ticket, players continue inactive and quit

    Surprising, that many of guild members said that they quit from this game, because they didnt have sufficient arena ticket to progress arena. Arena ticket is very basic stuff to play this games.
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    Yes, it is absorb the gems once no remaining...

    Yes, it is absorb the gems once no remaining pumpkins.

    I see 7* Lord Fullington on 11 of 12 cards, so got excited. However, 60 pumpkins and 1400 gems only move 1step. Every cards now face up like...
  19. Game Feature, partyslot should not be cost of money

    I do not know if this is correct. Developer sell game features such us additional party slot?
    Ussually, game upgrade as improvement to practicality.

    360 gems x3?

    Happy spending. Cash in :)
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    City Events, no more special.

    Previously, City events is something very special. Few New cards introduce and 1 cards put in city events. The new cards in city events is always special because it has very good combo with other new...
  21. Agree

    Absolutely agree, i think would be very sad that plenty of player would not have 80 green, or 80 red or 40 yellow that it is mean they can not exchange with single 8* cards. Or perhaps green token...
  22. Refresh didnt work.

    Try to complete weekly arena, however about 16 times refreshing but still same player, no change. Still 13k might to go and looks like impossible. I didnt plan to be top 10, now rank 46 but why...
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    Thats common, gaea team tricking player by put...

    Thats common, gaea team tricking player by put sir gareth in the list but it was not there.

    Lot of players said no drops with more than 400 ss. Better gaea team check theirself.

    Some players...
  24. Change daily Arena Entries to total Arena Entries

    Dear Gaea,

    Almost half of players lost number of arena entries because Arena start in middle of night that people already sleep. Suddenly they wake up in the morning, they already lost the first...
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    I do not see that it is fair that players must...

    I do not see that it is fair that players must accept duel that he never win. Problem they bets with gems or money that not every players can not afford. Any way, gambling mode on. Hope it is not...
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