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    Sticky: Christmas Carnival Rewards

    Dear Ladies and Lords,

    We are happy to inform you that the rewards from Christmas check-ins and Gift Mania have been distributed via mail, so check your inbox for your rewards now!

    That being...
  2. Sticky: New City Event - The Dark Arts Arrives!

    Dear Camelot Citizens!

    The most anticipated city event - The Dark Arts finally arrives! Gather [Wolf Teeth] for a chance to win fabulous rewards!

    ★Event time: 12/27 20:00 ~ 12/31 20:00(UTC)★
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    ★Tournament of Valor Ranking★

    Hello Warriors!

    The 13th and 14th Tournaments of Valor are over!! You can find the final ranking below. Congratulations to everyone who took part in it and to those who managed to be in the top...
  4. Banning HoC Unauthorized Charged Accounts

    There has been a series of inappropriate actions related to payment through unauthorized channels and malicious refunds, aimed at exploiting the game's economy and thriving on the chaos caused by...
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    Server Maintenance Completed

    *****Dear Player,*****
    Server maintenance has been completed. You may now enter the game and resume your progress.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please...
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