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  1. Thank yooouuusss...

    I sure hope you're right ! Wish me luck .

    I've seen the info on "breaking off an engagement" . I don't remember if it was from Andrew in Cloud City, or from > wartune > marriage . Either way, it says that players may go see Andrew and break off an engagement, but that both Rings will be DESTROYED . Obviously, that's not a good option here . -_-

    I'll just do what I was going to do anyways : when in doubt, don't touch anything . Will be patiently waiting for the Gaea Customer Service people's answer . After all, you can't be blamed for f*u*c*k*ing-up the plumbing if you never touched it in the 1rst place, right ? ^_^

    PS : I meant to post under "New Player Forum" . After I realized my mistake, I didn't see how to move one's own post .
  2. Hey... i saw the msgs that you sent to my mail box. And i saw your post on forum. That question should be posted under general discusion or in the new player portion of the forum. Anyway, if you break off the engagemet or if you just wait out the expiration time the person should get their ring back. And does not have to buy another engagement ring... this is if i remember correctly. If it doesnt happen that way i will personally help you out
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