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  1. I had send dragon battleground data access to the italian fb doa Page. That means real active players. Lympha and ignis has more than 300 active players per each While cosmas seneca cyclops nettuno 60. But as usual you have follow who has selfish interest Instead to look at the real data. Now you will create 1 server with 700 active player and another with 100 with no chance to do dominon. You have to share lympha and ignis.
  2. Hello Hector. I have a question. It's seems like you are the boss in here. Lot's of players trust you. Most player are talking about an imminent merger between realms in Doa. Just yesterday in a Kind of verbal fight in our pseudo italian chief ally chat it Comes out that many players are cheating using bugs or doing fake shopping on Google play. It was known but now it is written. Private chats were post during the fight. You can ask to our moderators. The question is: are we gonna have a Big italian Realm with only cheaters? It's the same worlwide or it's Just an 'italian job'?
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