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  1. Please can you help me?
  2. player name is Alien8 and world is 127
  3. Hello. Thanks for looking into it. Yes I made a ticket right away but I'm getting the same auto reply message thanking me for my patience every few days but no help. This should be pretty open and shut case being that it happened during a known crash.

    Service Ticket: 105181
    Report no. of first hit is: 31576812

    Hits started while it was just coming back online. Even if I was awake at the time most people were still unable to log in for a couple more hours. A couple guys that were lucky enough to get on took advantage of it. They zeroed me and took all the rss I was banking for our alliance. We have been at a huge disadvantage since because we havent had rss to heal and complete as good as we usually do in comps. We really need this sorted before s8 and grail wars seasons start.

    Thanks for any help!
  4. Hi Alien. Have you submitted a ticket to support? If so, please give me the ticket number, your world, and your current player name in that world. We can't get involved with customer support directly. We can bring specific tickets to the attention of our gaea contacts, though, and ask for them to follow up.
  5. Could you please contact someone from Gaea for me and have them restore my city 5 (hospital city) to the state it was prior to the crash? I couldn't bubble before bed and got wiped out. 25m troops dead and over 400 billion rss looted.
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