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  1. Hi, I am Ripplez from server 66-69, and I was wondering if I could join the heroes assembly. I am br 130k, however, I am a fast climber, have played for a long time, and I understand the game mechanics. I am also likely to understand the new features that might come out in the future since I play the PC version aswell, which I have played for 10+ years. I am a casher now but i used to be a non casher so I know what it is like for both. A few months ago, it came to my attention that some of the strong players in my guild were being targeted, bullied, and harassed by members of another guild to the point that they were forced to leave the guild to protect us. Since then, I have been aiming to eradicate cyberbullying in wartune to make it a safer place for children and adults.
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