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  1. Hello there mr. D, i've sent you a PM, i'm applying to be a MOD.
    I'll just paste my application here too.

    Hello SuperD,

    I would like to be a forum moderator, i've been playing the game for more or less 2 years now, i've been a constant supporter of the game, i've already learned everything there is to know about the game, the mechanics, its system and even the people who runs it, i also constantly sends e-mails to the game for BUG reports and stuff, due to the fact that i have lots and lots of free time and also to the efforts i've shown to help players in numerous times and to my knowledge about the game and it's forums i think i have enough capability to be a moderator. That's all, thank you.
  2. Are you a new admin? Haven't seen you before, and you're a bit more active than the others, so i'm assuming you're new
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