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  1. I am writing in regards to several issues I have experienced within the game. I have never received my VIP rewards as I should have. I have complained several times about this and was told that the rewards do not "stack". At the same time, there is absolutely nothing stating this in the game itself. 1+1+1+1=4, not 3. I have sent screenshots supporting my claim. We pay for these rewards and are not getting what we pay for. This is called fraud, false advertising, etc. The link you provide to google only sends the players to your non existent customer service. Not to mention the KOCCS@GAEAMOBILE.COM email address is not even valid. You guys have shorted thousands of players of what you owe them. Google tier 3 is well aware of the issue as I myself have been in contact with Google directly several times. The development team needs to get a hold of me ASAP before I take this matter even further.
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