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  1. Vincent, why has no one responded to the entire KoC game asking why the hell PvP items are a complete waste and the fact that Gaea has made this entire Christmas-PvP events a complete scam and waste of time? People have been posting their shock and amazement at Gaeas stupidity and unbelievable dereliction of common sense since yesterday when the Round Tower items and Train a thon with only top 6 getting Santas went live. Your latest post was today, so cleary you are active while these posts are being displayed. Why has there been no response from Gaea when 90% of a games player base is looking like they are going to quit and walk away?
  2. Do you read feed backs on the pages or no? Everyone on PvP event coming up says it's a bad idea, bad timing, no info etc. And we get no response from you or the other Gaea team members except for a "thanks for replying on this thread" it would be advantageous of you guys to respond to the negativity in the thread even if a simple "we see your concerns and we are working on improving the errors you have pointed out...". But don't just say that cause then we will know you are just saying to shut us up. We must have proof that you are actually correction problems and listening to us. Thank you, Thompster45
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